Thursday, August 11, 2016

Found in 1978 in Jyoen Hisayoshi Bay, pilot unknown, 30 years after disappearing during a dogfight

After the aircraft was damaged in battle, its pilot landed on July 24, 1945 in the waters of the Bungo Channel.

The aircraft was completely intact with only the tips of the propellers were bent backward during the ditching and the fuselage pitted with holes from corrosion. No sign of the pilot's remains were present, even though the canopy was closed when discovered.

By the time of the aircraft's recovery from the seabed in the 1970s, it was surmised that the pilot could only be one of six missing pilots from the 343 squadron who disappeared that day.

 Photographs of the six are displayed under the aircraft engine.

These planes were an advanced design, and could hold their own against the Mustang, Hellcat, and Corsair. For better turns and maneuvers, a mercury switch mechanism was built into the wings to auto react and extend flaps for tighter turns, and adjusted angle automatically due to acceleration

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  1. Quite amazing that it was it such good shape. Here in Denmark we have on disålay a BV 141 that looks more like an art installation than an aircraft submerged for 50+ years. And this Mitsubishi Zero from the curiously named 'Peace Museum For Kamikaze Pilots' spent less time under water than the Kawanishi: