Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Author and photographer John Slemp is seeking WWII bomber jackets to preserve their history and artistry in an upcoming book.

The flour sack and POW symbols are for resupply and evacuation missions at the end of WWII. (very cool and the only examples I've ever seen of that)

the Bomber Jacket Project has already photographed and chronicled the history of several dozen WWII jackets. While mainly focused on the Army Air Corp A-2 and the Navy/Marine G-1 flight jackets, the project is seeking any WWII military jackets that feature original artwork (on front and/or back) and the stories that go with them. Additionally, any contact with veterans that wore such jackets is appreciated

Many such prized jackets long-ago became separated from their original owners. The lucky ones have made their way into the hands of collectors or museums for proper preservation and, sometimes, display. They’ve become highly desirable collectables to all manner of collector, from history buffs, to folk art aficionados, to fashion gurus. Hundreds (maybe thousands) are undoubtedly treasured family heirlooms, stored away for safe keeping. Unfortunately, those are the ones that rarely see the light of day.

(you can go to the links
and see dozens more
in the catagories of Army Air Corps, or Navy / Marines and
from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum)

Regardless of where they are now, the author/photographer is interested in hearing of them for possible inclusion in his project. Jackets who’s veteran still survives are the most desirable of all, as the artwork and the veterans memories/stories are forever linked and such jackets and tales will take center stage within the book.

If you have or know of a bomber jacket or veteran who wore one that you believe should be included in the Bomber Jacket Project, please contact Mr. Slemp at (404) 245-2411 or via email at .

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