Friday, August 12, 2016

Aga Khan (prince of the Ismaili Muslims) at Harvard in a jalopy, while he was a soccer star on the Harvard team.

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When his grandfather died, he left in his will that his grandson would take the responsibilities of the religious leader, so that a young man of the "atomic age" would break the cycle of old world thinking and cultural stagnation. He immediately became the the only undergraduate in the history of Harvard that had two secretaries and a personal assistant. (His daughter, a princess, went to Harvard and graduated in 1994)

Why have you likely never heard of this guy (I never have) who isn't a nutter of the radial islamic suicide bomber/terrorists? Muslims have a lot of religions, like the christian/catholics, and he's the pope of one of them. Not the biggest, (though he's a billionaire philanthropist) nor the one in power.... he's the head of the one the others deny exists, sort of like the jewish denying that jesus was the son of god.... and the christian/catholics never getting along very well with the jewish based on that 2000 year old decision.

"Sunnis, the overwhelming majority of Muslims, do not follow a hereditary system of selecting leadership. By contrast, Shias trace a direct line from Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter, and her husband Ali to a spiritual leader, or imam, with the power to interpret the faith.

While most Shias believe this imam disappeared in the ninth century and await his return, Ismailis believe in a “living imam,” the Aga Khan, who is vested with ultimate worldly and spiritual authority. Ismailis consider Karim the 49th imam and the fourth Aga Khan—a courtesy title meaning “great king” that was bestowed on the family by the King of Persia in the 1830s."

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