Thursday, June 02, 2016

What are the best selling car companies in the major markets? Well... just like you'd expect, they aren't native to the country, unless you're in Japan

Here's what bothers me... why can't any native car company make a car that outsells imports? (Does not apply to Japan)

Doesn't any car company CEO have any pride? Any business acumen? Well... of course Toyota and Nissan do, Honda as well.

Why don't GM, Ford, Holden, Chrysler, Jaguar, etc? Is it the food? The coffee? The beer?

In the USA the top 3 are the same as the top 3 makers in Japan

2. Honda
3. Nissan

In Australia

1. Toyota
2. Mazda

In England

1. Ford
2. VW
3. Nissan

In Brazil

1. Fiat
2. VW
3. Chevrolet

In Japan

1. Toyota
2. Honda
3. Nissan

the best selling sports car in Germany? The Mustang. Not the 911. Why? Costs half as much


  1. Maybe it has something to do with "native" companies building so many models in foreign countries.

  2. I cant speak for any other countries, but here in Australia we only have a population of little over 20Mil.
    we know how to build a good car, and have done so for many years. But in recent times the powers that be in both GM and FORD have decided its too expensive to operate here compared to the likes of China. So, as a result. Decided to turn off the tap and stop producing cars in this country. So, no more Holdens, no more Fords, what did we do wrong? Holden Australia and Ford Australia (And once upon a time, Chrysler Australia made up our big 3, When Chrysler passed away in the 80's, Toyota took up number 3.)led the market for many years and EVERYONE owned one. But what to do now? Imported Asian and European cars is what we are left to choose from.
    Was the Pontiac GTO a bad car? We designed and built you guys the Camaro (in RHD on the Commodore platform) and in return the motoring public of Australia were told that since the GFC, we cant afford to produce these in RHD, sorry about that. We already made the components in both L+R, but N.O. Thats loyalty.
    Where does the future lie? Who knows.....Asia or Germany? Holden will end production in this country after 85 years of affiliation with GM next year. We still dont know what GM or FORD will offer us as replacements. For the last few years, dealers could not sell a Ford, and currently Holden struggles to see the public take up their cars. Both announced the closures and subsequent job losses, but as for the future, neither have offered the buying public any reason to continue to support them.
    Australia will be another market American car manufacturers will squeeze themselves out of.

    1. it's bad all right, American cars are already not even in the top 3 in America. They aren't built here anymore either. Hell, Dodge trucks are assembled in Brazil. Camaros are made in Canada. Anyway, I was making a point with this post, though not very well... why is it car companies can NOT figure out how to be a success at home? EXCEPT the Japanese. Nothing is more aggravating than watching what once was a respected industry fall apart though it's clear how and why the competition succeeds. As for root cause, it was American greed. CEO and UAW union greed. All the people in making the good cars that lasted and were admired in the 50 and 60s killed off the profitability of the companies, and then they could no longer afford the R and D, and take chances. Look at the Plymouth vehicles in the 90s, that was real risky stuff, the Neon, PT Cruiser, the Prowler, and the Viper. Each completely different, and yet successful. Back to the GTO and G6, they were damn good, and GM head honchos screwed that up, like a coach choking in the last plays of a championship game. Too much pressure, threw away the good stuff on a stupid call, and killed Pontiac... instead of giving it independent direction and unique cars. Can't anyone look at the successful way Japanese carmakers destroy the competition, and just do it a bit better? For the very survival of the car industry of their countries? Hell, England does not have a domestic car industry at all anymore, do they? Morgan is the only car made there. Everything else is owned by Tata, VW, Ford, etc Rolls, Jag, Bentley, etc... all folded.

  3. I have watched the program on Discovery channel about the Camaro plant, and still wonder why they cant gear the line up for doing runs of RHD vehicles.I appreciate the new Camaro platform is not what we sent you originally, but surely it is enough to highlight that if engineered properly in the first place. It shouldnt matter what side the handle bars are on.
    The claim was that the RHD market is too small. I suppose I have to agree, Australia, England, South Africa, Japan, India, Brunei, amongst others, are all markets with populations too small to worry about even with a common denominator of a RHD requirement.
    A few years ago when the Monaro was reignited, I worked for Holden and the main objective of the Monaro program was an exercise in utilising as much current tooling and assembly as possible. Consequently, it went into production and approx 95% of the monaro is interchangable with the common sedan. We get a visit from the GM heads, and look at that. Australia is supplying the US with the GTO with handle bars where you expect them to be. Never heard of such trickery.