Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flop Gear cast creates a new low... lowest audience in a decade. 3 of the presenters didn't appear. And the guest star in a reasonably priced car? Doesn't drive a car. Ker-flop

lowest opening show viewing figures in a decade... wow. The last time the ratings were this bad, was 2006

How bad was it? People switched over to Antiques Roadshow. Yeah... that's pretty bad when you'd rather learn about what was found in a attic than try to be entertained

Summed up perfectly in this quote: Top Gear 2016 is to original Top Gear as Ghostbusters 2016 is to original Ghostbusters  a tweet from James Delingpole

The news comes as host Chris is odds on to be fired from Top Gear after figures confirmed the show was a ratings flop.

Bookies now offer odds of ¼ that it would be the last series of the show with Chris Evans at the helm and ½ that the show would be axed altogether.

Top Gear drew an average of just 4.3 million viewers, and at the same time, other channel, Antiques Roadshow drew 3.8 million viewers. Yeah, all the hype, and ridiculously overpriced hosts, and they barely had better ratings than vases and sofas.

Top Gear lost its regular title of being Sunday night’s most watched show in England to Countryfile, which peaked at 5.3million viewers and had an impressive 27% share of viewers.

Brad Pitt was supposed to be the guest star, he bailed, they replaced him with a cook and an actor who has zero car credibility


Jalopnik did a good review of it... http://jalopnik.com/what-the-hell-top-gear-1779481253

So did Drive:

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  1. The clips I have seen of this poor excuse of a car show made me certain I'd never watch it. Screw the BBC.