Thursday, June 02, 2016

Nissan is seizing on a more than 40 percent plunge in Mitsubishi Motors’ market value to gain significant control, it just bought 14% more of Mitsubishi, than Mitsubishi owned.... 34%N to 20%M

The purchase makes Nissan the single largest Mitsubishi Motors’ shareholder.

The companies plan to sign an agreement by May 25 in which Nissan can name four directors to Mitsubishi Motors’ board, including the chairman.

The transaction eases concerns about the viability of a Japanese automaker which has dealings with 7,777 companies affecting 410,000 people.

 Mitsubishi Motors has manipulated fuel economy data of four minicar models, two of which are supplied to Nissan, and improperly tested other Japan vehicles since 1991.

After overstating the fuel economy of its minicars by as much as 10 percent, Mitsubishi Motors faces the prospect of compensating owners of those vehicles for their shortcomings in performance. It also may have to pay back Japan’s government for tax rebates that its minicars shouldn’t have been eligible for.  via

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