Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Finally, a Southern California rally tour for something other than expensive euro sports cars from Germany and Italy... the Tourge, for pre-1975 Japanese cars

For those of you unfamiliar with the Japanese word touge, it means “pass”. These mountain passes are quite common in Japan and serve the purpose of decreasing elevation in the road. As these twists and turns were built into the mountain, Japanese enthusiasts took to these passes for driving pleasure—and has the entire sport of drifting.

Ben Hsu and Patrick Strong went above and beyond to emulate a touge course in Southern California. The course started in Thousand Oaks, and ended in Torrance at the Toyota Museum in 2015

the Malamut collection in Thousand Oaks

For coverage of the 2015

The 2016 touge, which was Saturday, April 2, put on by the hard-working people at Japanese Nostalgic Car who, along with rallymaster Patrick Strong and Jacob Brown from Touge-sponsor Mazda and a host of others, laid out a course from Mazda R and D in Irvine, South to Escondido, sorted through invitations and lined up all the cars for a long day’s drive into night.

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