Monday, May 30, 2016

Learning something new every day

Being a Mopar guy more than anything, and not knowing much about Chevies, I just learned that the trucks were C or K after 1959.

The C was a 2 wheel drive, the K was a 4 wheel drive.

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  1. Until 1988, when GM was concurrently making both the 1987 and earlier body style and the 1988 and up body style trucks. For some reason, they did not up date the body style on the full size Blazer, Suburban, and crew cab pickups until 1992. These trucks were referred to as R1500, R2500, and R3500 for two wheel drives and V1500, V2500. and V3500's for four wheel drives. The trucks that had the newer, 1988 and up body style were referred to as C and K models. After the 1991 model year, the old style bodies along with the R and V designations disappeared entirely.