Wednesday, June 01, 2016

interesting and unique Nascar trophies

Miles the Monster... represents the all concrete mile racetrack at Dover Delaware.

 It may not have as much storied history behind it, like winning a grandfather clock at Martinsville Speedway, nor may it carry the prestige of the Harley J. Earl Trophy for winning the Daytona 500. It certainly doesn't taste as good as a win in wine country at Sonoma Raceway or come with food like the lobster winners get at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. But it's coolest looking.

Martinsville gave away a grandfather clock from Ridgeway Clocks, and then that company was bought by the Howard Miller co, and they are now made in Zeeland Michigan. They are valued at about $11,000. Darrell Waltrip owns 12, Jeff Gordon owns 7


  1. NASCAR needs come up with better trophies! I saw a race where the winner for a giant toothbrush. Formula One's Lewis Hamilton, was complaining (2015) about the trophies they get in that series, I prefer those anyway compared to the plastic and wood of NASCAR.

    1. A trophy should definitely be respectable, and long lasting. Or, just stop giving away mediocre to lousy plastic stuff that won't be respectable. Give a cash award instead. It's ridiculous to expect a racer to be satisfied with a less than respectable quality trophy after they've performed at a lever better than all the competition. The trophy ought to show just how good the race is, the racer was, and the pride the race promotions dept has in the event. Some of these were fun trophys, some were just sponsor advertising, and other forms of racing hire artists to weld up or create craftsmanship imbued statues... I like that.

    2. The main problem is that every level of NASCAR teaching has a main sponsor, and all the races have a sponsor. So the sponsor's name trumps everything else. I prefer hardware (all-metal trophies). The sponsor's name can go on the base. Though that Iowa gas pump trophy is a good one.