Monday, February 29, 2016

ever heard of pistons getting out of round while in the engine? Wth? What else would cause a mechanic to need a tool like this?

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  1. Correcting piston slap in motors with 50,000 miles was quite common in the day,you removed the piston and either replaced it or expanded the skirts of the piston by a few thou to correct the problem. This fancy machine was supposed to replace the job of lightly heating the piston and then with a small ballpane hammer you lightly tapped the inner skirt and quenched, or you would run a screwdriver blade around the inner skirt.. Remeasure and do again if not to spec.
    What you have to remember was that back in the day mechanics hourly rate made repairing stuff feasable and parts were hard to come by, especially in Australia and NZ.
    Also to keep in mind was that it was common practice to swap V8 piston from one bank to the other to stop piston wear more on one side than the other ?????