Friday, March 04, 2016

inside the Harley Factory, 1910's and 20's


  1. Had a look at this and thought it is certainly pre 1930. The gas tanks looked odd and a bit of research come up with the short lived and rare Harley Model W - - somewhere in the period 1919-23.

  2. Qualify that first comment. The tanks on the bikes in the first picture make them Model W, but the tanks in the second pic are for pocket valve V twins Model J?) of the early 1920s.

    1. I was looking at something when I wrote that... obviously not the link I have in the post... No idea where that 1930s idea came from. Sorry about that, my mistake. I think I just need more damn sleep. Speaking of which, It's midnight, time for me to call it a day. Thanks for catching that error