Tuesday, March 01, 2016

wood mastercraftsman Harold Manwaring is about 80 years old, and worked as a Fitter and Turner on the railway for 7-1/2 years. After leaving the railroad, he was a truck driver and large earth moving equipment. Then he started making wood miniatures

The model consists of 560 separate pieces and took about three years to make. Harold does not have a computer, and described the making of the locomotive in a hand-written letter accompanied by a CD containing digital photos taken by a friend. Harold taught himself to use the woodworker's lathe and built a number of jigs for holding and drilling the wheels and journals.

Harold's son Chris drew up the plans for this hay baler based on the ones made by the Ann Arbor Hay Press Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan starting in 1882. The factory moved to Shelbyville, IN in the 1920's and became a part of the Oliver Farm Equipment Company in 1943. It eventually closed in 1970.

this hay baler works.. wow!


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