Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Things I wouldn't have expected needed to be advertised (so common, why bother, like toilet paper and Oreos, you're going to buy them, or not, advertising is a waste of money)

there once was a large industry trying to get you to buy their particular cigarette or cigar lighter, but I thought that was all settled (with this type of electric lighter, before 1953)

What? Advertising the type of power steering you can install in a car? Huh... imagine considering that the steering in your daily driver is not what you like, and that you need to replace it with another kind of steering

how about that... paying to advertise the Hemi. Either you're going to buy the most expensive engine, or you aren't. Why waste time advertising it? Just get your car salesmen to push the expensive stuff


  1. Some of these ads look like they were from a trade magazine, like Ward's Auto World or Automotive Engineering, and were targeted at the engineers or buyers at the car manufacturers.

    1. they sure were, Motor Age.