Friday, March 04, 2016

Do you love a great story... do you have about 5 hours to enjoy one? With photos?

Stiff Speed Steve told me a couple days ago "check this Retro Rides thread out... "


And for all of you who haven't yet read it, Bruce is a cool guy, (has that cool Land Rover  and excellent photographer (and terrific writer) who stumbled across a car he had to have, but it was in Canada. He lives in England.

While saving, and planning, things went wrong, as they always will, but Bruce pushed on, and the rest is a pure cool story of how things unexpectedly happen, and you better have a savings account to cope, plus, the cops on the border are dicks. Until you start talking cars. Everyone loves talking cars

oh... and don't buy a car from Ken McDonald of Canada... it's explained on page 25

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