Monday, February 29, 2016

December 1940 advertising of cool stuff that probably isn't even made any more, it certainly isn't advertised anymore

I've only ever seen one wheel spinner

In 1932 the Packard brothers, in order to deal with failing sales and the great depression, sold Packard Electric Company to General Motors who named it the Packard Electric Division.

Prior to that time, Packard Motor Car Company was a automotive wiring company founded by William Doud Packard and his brother James Ward Packard in 1890. One of the Packard Electric Company's subsidiaries was the New York and Ohio Company, which produced the first Packard Motor Car in 1899 in Warren, Ohio.

The electrical connectors developed by Packard were used extensively by General Motors in its automobiles. The first series of connectors was the Packard 56 (In 1956) , followed by the Weather Pack in 1970's, and finally the Metri Pack, which are still in common use today.

The Packard 56 is the grandfather of the modular electrical connector, the terminals fold over the conductor to form a high-pressure crimp that seals the conductor strands as a soldered joint does yet achieves a superior electrical connection than solder can. The terminals also alleviate strain on the exposed conductor with a secondary crimp that grabs the wire jacket. All 56-series connectors use 1/4-inch blade-type terminals that can handle as much as 48 amps continuously.

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  1. Permatex is still available here in Australia

    1. Good point, it's available everywhere, that is one company that did NOT fail

  2. Regarding the Packard battery cables, the last paragraph says that Packard Electric was a division of GM...
    This whole ad is very confusing...
    After looking some things up, I found this which has a few answers...

    1. Thanks Andy! I bet it was because Packard was trying hard to leverage their brand name into other car parts to survive the great depression. I'm going to add that info from that link to this post... I sure appreciate the help!