Friday, March 04, 2016

reason #37 to get a dash cam, when you're right, and the cop is being a complete ass, you can call him on it, and make him face the facts and evidence. He might wise up and apologize

No shit, the music is annoying, and 500 times louder than the voices, but have a hand on the volume control, and you'll appreciate this video.

Skip ahead to the 1:40 , watch for 10 seconds, then skip ahead to 2:40 where the cop flies his asshole flag fly high and wide. Then skip from 5 to 6:45 for the apology and crow eating ceremony. Ketchup or BBQ sauce was liberally used to dip the crow in before eating

1 comment:

  1. Driver clearly could and should have stopped at that signal. When it turned yellow he had amble time and distance to stop. He ran a red light. No question.