Monday, February 29, 2016

Blake found a forest stream in Iowa on the Meskwaki settlement banked with junkyard cars in the 50s or 60s

The govt tried to prison them on a res in Kansas, but they weren't going with that bullshit, and hid out in Iowa, eventually suing the govt to buy land and make their own settlement.

Putting cars on river banks was common, it was found to be a cheap way to reduce erosion. Trouble is, it pollutes the water running though, and by the cars, as the oils, grease, brake and transmisson oils leaked out into the ground. When the cars are washed by rains or river water the iron, chromium, and lead from solder and batteries gets into the river water.

I'm shocked no scrap metal guys have pulled these out and had them crushed. I'm not for crushing cars in general, but for river bank polluters, I'm strongly for it  even Life magazine photographed it 

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