Monday, February 29, 2016

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, 22,460 miles, un-restored, matching numbers, completely rust and accident free. All original Ferrari records, tools, invoices and known history from new. For Sale, about a million dollars

This Ferrari was sequentially the 621st of 1,284 officially recorded completed examples. The Ferrari/Scaglietti Body/Job number assigned to this vehicle was 649/B putting it almost exactly in the middle of Daytona production. The original engine number was “B1406” and the original transaxle number was 654, both of which remain with the vehicle today (matching numbers.)

The original order specified the following options:

-Air Conditioning
-Blaupunkt “Koln” Stereo Radio, Speakers and Antenna
-Borrani Wire Wheels with Knock Off Hubs
-European Temporary “EE” Tourist Plates
-Front and Rear Body Protection

Three days after completion, on November 25th, 1971, Mr. Gleseke completed a revised balance of payment totaling $15,160 UD dollars. Mr. Gleseke deferred collection of his new Ferrari from the Factory until the end of May, early June of 1972. Gleseke’s friend and Ferrari agent in the States, Luigi Chinetti from whom he had initially ordered this vehicle had arranged for an official paddock parking pass and admission to watch the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans. Mr. Gleseke drove his new Ferrari to the Sarthe Circuit and was able to watch and cheer on the official NART Competition Daytona being driven by Sam Posey and Tony Adamowicz to a very credible 6th overall and 2nd in class finish. (Today the remains of the original Le Mans parking pass can still be seen affixed to the top of the windshield.)

After the completion of his European Holiday, Mr. Gleseke returned his new Daytona to the Ferrari Factory for follow on shipping to New York. In addition to the delivery of his new Ferrari, a large assortment of spare parts were invoiced separately and shipped with the Ferrari by ocean to Chinetti Garthwaite Motors

The 2nd owners kept it for 40 years

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 San Diego, California 92121
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  1. Stunning and beautifull car with a nice history...
    Unfortunately out of reach for my wallet

  2. One of the ugliest Ferrari's ever created.

    1. It looks like a Fiat or a Mazda. LOL! I'm thinking along the lines of an 850 GP or an RX7.
      Do you remember those 914 Porsche's from the 70's?
      They also looked like Fiats. Only a different type. ;-)
      But hey to each his own. I'm in partial jest of course.