Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marty Robbins when he raced in Nascar

if you've never heard of Marty, he was a great singer song writer of westerns. Not this nonsense contemporary line dancing pop country... but westerns. Gunfighters, bandits, the Mexico border, etc etc. Very Zorro era type imagery.

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  1. Robbins was actually a pretty decent racer, he had extensive short track experience at tracks around Nashville. There is a story, likely apochryphal, that Robbins started in the back of a race (Atlanta, I think), and when the green flag dropped he was off like a rocket, passing cars left and right. After 15-20 laps Robbins suddenly pulled into the pits. The crew went to work changing tire, etc. and the crew chief leaned in to find out the problem. Robbins was laughing and told the chief to push the car behind the wall, that it was extremely illegal. Robbins later said that he just wanted to know how it felt to pass Petty, Yarborough and them.