Friday, January 25, 2013

Is the subscription department at Source Interlink Media in need of brains? Cause they are the most annoying people, and they're irritating me

Exhibit A: The cover of my latest Mopar Muscle magazine was inside this notice that my subscription is about at an end. Oh, and in the lower right hand cover, the big ol words, "BEST DEAL EVER" and "EXCLUSIVE OFFER!"

Off to the left: Save BIG

Exhibit B: the price of the BEST DEAL EVER and EXCLUSIVE OFFER is the card in the lower right hand side

Above, zoomed in on to make it easy to read, the BEST DEAL EVER is 12 issues at JUST $29.97

Below, is the drop out card, that falls where ever you open that magazine, and it has the same 12 issues at $26.97 * Plus $3 annual postage & handling

So the BEST DEAL EVER? the same price as the fall out card that will be thrown away by whoever cleans out the magazine racks of all of these annoying subscription post cards. EXCLUSIVE OFFER! was the part that pissed me off... this is the same price they have for new subscribers, nothing special, nothing EXCLUSIVE to the subscriber at all.

So why should I get pissed? They had me at BEST DEAL EVER, which is the same deal as before, not "EVER" but always, and then spun me up more with EXCLUSIVE to everyone , in which factually no one has an exclusive on it, unless we exclude the people that can't read English in America, because they can't get the magazine for this price shipped out of the lower 48 states.

These same morons did the 3 years or 2 years at the same price here:

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