Thursday, January 24, 2013

John emailed me his photos from the Nov 5th and 6th SCCA race at War Bonnet Raceway, Mannford Oklahoma

1967 L88

The Cheetah

Don Yenko and the DX Sponsored Corvette

 Above, Formula Ford and Shelby Mustang in the background

Porsche 904

ASR, that was SCCA class A Sports Racer... run what ya brung that is big, and doesn't belong in other classes

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  1. ASR stands for A Sports Racing; that was what the SCCA called the big bore, "run what you brung" class back in the day. They still have CSR & DSR classes for the smaller, glass bodied racing cars. I assume that all of the remaining ASR cars are either in a museum someplace or being raced in vintage events; as far as I can tell the SCCA no longer has a class for these cars.