Saturday, January 26, 2013

the 1967 Mustang Stallion, a Canadian made special Mustang

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1967 Mustang Stallion... A limited edition dealer option from Mainway Ford in Toronto, Ontario. The cars came from the factory with the 390, 4 bbl and 4 speed transmission. Mainway then replaced the rear tail-light panel and tail-lights with 1967 Cougar units, chromed the side vents, and added the chrome trimmed, vinyl along the fastback. The interior features the brushed aluminum panels that were a Mustang option. Stallion badges were added to the fenders and the trunk lid, pop open gas cap with the Stallion graphic and a similar badge on the passenger side dash. The graphic is a rearing Stallion!

I can't find the first time I posted about this car, but I never learned about the background on it.

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  1. That's one limited edition Mustang that I've never heard of - it is great to read about it rather than the run of the mill Mustangs that are flogged to death on forums and blogs.

    1. then I'm doing my job well! I'm bored to hell of the usual cars... so I don't post them unless there is something to be entertained by, or learned from them.

    2. Jesse,

      I agree - the "oddballs" and "lemons" are often more interesting than the "successful" cars .