Saturday, January 26, 2013

the 1967 Mustang Stallion, a Canadian made special Mustang

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1967 Mustang Stallion... A limited edition dealer option from Mainway Ford in Toronto, Ontario. The cars came from the factory with the 390, 4 bbl and 4 speed transmission. Mainway then replaced the rear tail-light panel and tail-lights with 1967 Cougar units, chromed the side vents, and added the chrome trimmed, vinyl along the fastback. The interior features the brushed aluminum panels that were a Mustang option. Stallion badges were added to the fenders and the trunk lid, pop open gas cap with the Stallion graphic and a similar badge on the passenger side dash. The graphic is a rearing Stallion!

I can't find the first time I posted about this car, but I never learned about the background on it.

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