Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ardun Heads

According to Hot Rod magazine, there were 8 sets of Ardun heads made.

Uh Oh.... according to Bangshift, 50 sets were made.

Did Hot Rod believe Mumford? Or go with what they heard? Oooof. That's not good to blow off the fact checking when you (Hot Rod Magazine) are the reputable expert in all things hot rodding.

the Salem Speedshop has one,
the Bean bandits have one in their bellytanker ,
 Phil Sylva's hot rod has one
the Allard J2X
and 2 original sets in Norway,

There are only 2 other original sets out there?

You can be sure the Allard, the Bean Bandits, the Salem Speed Shop, and the Sylva hot rod are all originals... the swapmeet engine, the shiny ones at El Mirage, and Mumfords might be new , one set on the 55 thousand dollar swapmeet engine stand motor
and the shiny ones I photographed at El Mirage

According to the Bangshift post, the original run was 50, the C&T company made a 2nd batch, and in the 90's another limited run was made by another company


  1. V8-60 (baby flathead) -- yes, only 12 or 13 sets made for these! Regular flathead, many more were made and reproduced by Orosco and now Ferguson.

  2. Wasnt there a company supposed to repop the ardun heads. there was a hot rod article in the late ninties or early 2000's with a brannn new one in some sort of hot rod or muscle car but my memory is terrible and cannot remember which.