Thursday, June 02, 2011

Garage Style Magazine, I just learned of it, and after reading through the newest issue, recommend it. (Car guy stuff through and through)

In the above issue, I was enjoying the article on the Irish car makers and oldest car maker in Ireland (Peare Motor Works) and oldest traffic light, the Speedway Brewing Company near Olympia Washington, Denny's collection, Frank's collection, Larry's collection, John's Porsche collection, Michael's Corvette collection, Jon's collection, news on car shows like the Muckenthaler, the art work of Rick Rucker, Booker, and Lambert, the photography of Dean Graham, and a good bio profile of the founder of the Amelia Island Concours, Bill Warner. Plus 5 book reviews I haven't seen anywhere else (Chrisman Legacy and others) plus a garage design company article.

Chock full of awesome garages, collections of petroliana and automobilia, garage art, hood ornaments, advice on garage floors, wall art, garage designs, doors, etc etc, car collections and how that has changed peoples garages (expansion!)

Some famous museums (Mullins!) and work shops too. Check it out when you have reading time, because this isn't a short attention span captioned photo type magazine, this has great writing without all the stats and facts of cars, this magazine tells the stories of the people that desired more that a place to put their stuff, they made great garages! (you can find an issue at Borders or Barnes and Noble) Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Never heard of it, but I am sure their sales are going to skyrocket after this should get a commission.