Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Crawford Auto and Aviation museum in Cleveland

The AMX prototype, why anyone thought a rumble seat was a selling point in a car that would normally be driven over 50 mph... I doubt that anyone would enjoy that for very long.
Franklin in front, (Stanley Steamer in the back ) they look odd because they were aircooled, and didn't need the normal radiator looking front end
A 1910 Hupmobile that went around the world to prove it's durability
Owen magnetic... only 4 are said to exist, one is in this Cleveland Ohio museum, one is in the Nethercutt near Burbank Ca.

In 1900, there were over 1000 small auto manufacturers coexisting in the United States, over 70 of them in Cleveland.

The first auto sold in the US came from Cleveland's Winton Motors in 1897; the first car to make use of steel ball bearings was Cleveland's Baker Motors; and the first use of the French word "automobile" in conjunction with the US car industry was by Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter, Charles Shanks, in 1899.

The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum was formed in 1963 with the private collection of Mr. Crawford's company Thompson Products at its core. (Thompson Products later diversified and became TRW, Inc.) The museum showcases 200 classic automobiles, among them 80 cars that originated in Cleveland. An online quick look is at

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  1. This is a great museum! I worked there in college in the 90's. They have (or had) about 1/5th of their collection on display. Not enough room for it all.