Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Plymouth drag race game, dealership promotional toy game

Above images from an Ebay auction that did not get any bids, and the reserve was 79 dollars. 1/2 the next least expensive one I have seen. Achef-half

above images from

above images from

These were sold at Plymouth dealerships in 1968 and perhaps 1969 as well. They were also sold, from what I understand at the traveling performance clinics given by the late great Ronnie Sox.

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This drag racing game was given out as a promo by Chrysler-Plymouth. It features cars from the 1968 model line.
The components include six plastic cars (two Barracudas, two Road Runners, two GTXs), three sets of cards (18 for each car type), and plastic pegs. Instructions are printed on the back of the board.
The game features photos of drag racing drivers Buddy Martin and Ronnie Sox. The box cover photo shows the Sox & Martin GTX.

One is for sale on Ebay, and that seller thinks someone needs to part with close to 200 dollars for a board game they'll never play, but sit on a display that no one will likely look at, and won't be allowed to touch. 200? Ludicrous

There are some of these for sale on Craigslist, ebay, etc etc.. and none of them were ever played with, all are NOS, untouched... and they likely will never get used ever.

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