Wednesday, June 01, 2011

JAP GN, looks so cool, and that is enough for me

Just learned (July 1st 2011) from Johnny's blog this is the J. A. Preston “Cyclecar”.
Lord K (thanks mate!) of the terrific website Dieselpunk found the above and shares it with us the very breif photo descriotion just said 1908-19 GN/JAP grand prix vintage racing at Cadwell Park

Most of the images are from but I found 2 of these last Feb and hadn't seen anything til now

A couple photos are by Dusza Beben


  1. Oh my god I'm in love with that car! I dream of owning a car that forces me to wear goggles and a leather helmet.

  2. Three quick seraches on Flickr - et voila!
    Nice shot, isn't it?

  3. Steampunk hot rod! Amazing piece of art.