Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wow, I stumbled across a previously unknown to me Eden Rock, Fiat 600

Agnelli's yacht car, Antibes, a resort town between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera


  1. This may actually not be the eden roc, which was designed by Pinninfarina, and had wood trim. But the Fiat Torpedo Marina, that may have been designed Felice Mario Boano when he had his own company but then he went on to establish the styling department for Fiat and passed the rights to produce the Torpedo to Carrozzeria Savio. Nice selection of classics in the background; Sunbeam Talbot drophead, 1951 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet A; Jaguar 2.4 Mark 1; Simca Aronde Océane.

    1. oh it certainly isn't "the" Eden Roc, but it's really close, and click the link to see that the source called it that. I've never seen it before, as the 3 portholes above the front bumper, with the chrome bumper, are new to me

    2. Ahem - point of pride and decorum sir, I've already photographed and posted a gallery of Eden Roc (tsk, lets not go sending me links to other people's work when I can instead be complimented by your finding my better work instead)