Friday, July 26, 2019

100-year-old Vic Gamble is reunited with his old car, thanks to the new owner, John Ball (thanks James D!)

Gamble bought the 1955 Consul in 1960 while on vacation with his wife Elma and mother-in-law, when their car broke down while on holiday.

For 55 years they continued to use it, and it only let them down once.

After Elma died five years ago, Gamble frequently drove it to visit her grave.

 He finally gave it up in 2017 and a few months later it was bought by John Ball from Wincanton, who made it his mission to restore it.

Ball had the Consul restored and when he heard Gamble was turning 100, he drove it 200 miles to visit him at his rest home

It was a very pleasant surprise. I never dreamt I'd see it again. It was a wonderful old car. I had it for 55 years.

My wife and I enjoyed motoring for all those years and it only let me down once.


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  1. Oh.My.Gosh.
    My Dad had the identical car- right down to the color- when I was a kid.
    I remember it had trafficators- the goofy little turn signal arms that would pop out of the B pillars. Never thought I would see another one.