Thursday, April 11, 2019

Update! The news released this moments after the next post after this... Incredible local volunteer threatened with jail if he continues to use a dump truck to help people cross the Waiho River! Fucking govt can't take it!

Tim has been "advised" to cease operations by the police.

Over the past week, Mr Gibb said he was inundated with bookings - taking everything from carloads of tourists, to farm supplies, to tins of cat food, on the dump truck that he hired from Whangarei.

But he said he was approached by the police on Wednesday night and told he should stop because of safety concerns about changeable weather and river conditions.

"We just had a visit from the commercial vehicle unit from Christchurch. They were very nice but there were a few grey areas in our operation. They were concerned that it wouldn't be a fine for me, it would be jail," he said,

In a statement, a police spokesperson said they recognized the service had been a temporary option for people wishing to get themselves and their vehicles across the Waiho River - but public safety was their first and foremost priority. (bullshit)

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