Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Three police cruisers that were parked behind a police museum in downtown Jackson were vandalized over the weekend when a thief stole all twelve wheels.

This is the second time in several weeks that tires and wheels have been stolen off of Jackson Police Department vehicles

A police car was left on blocks outside the west Jackson police training academy in March after thieves stole the tires and rims.



  1. I know a guy who got pissed off at the Santa Monica Police back in the '70's for giving him a parking ticket, so he followed the metermaid (on her Harley trike!) back to the city yard, then late that night hopped the fence and made off with a complete '60's vintage light bar and the speedometer off a Harley trike.

    Statute of limitations: Expired.

    1. awesome! Even better with photos! Just sayin'.

      There was a movie or tv show, I can't recall which, where a biker or biker hangout, again, can't recall the details, had a motorcycle cops helmet. When I saw that, I was impressed