Thursday, April 11, 2019

someone in Pebble Beach has decided that this 1926 Buick needs to get out of their garage and find a new home, 9k obo and it's yours

I think they might have a problem... it's in need of a restoration to be driveable, so the number of potential buyers drops from anyone needing a car, to those who think this is an investment, and want to blow a small fortune to make it great.

It's not a hot rod type of car, is too old for a project car that can find parts at Napa, and unless someone has an empty spot that needs a car to fill it at their garage, the only kind of people that would want to buy most 95 year old cars like this are rich people who want to flip it once they get it restored.

Love the taillight


  1. Yeh, I agree on all levels but wouldn't this be cool with a mild chop n channel, deep steelies wrapped in N50s, and a nicely detailed nailhead up front? Gotta keep the fenders and widen them so can hold onto that great tail light.

    1. Well, I hadn't thought of that! Good idea! Or maybe a new take on the Dan Woods Milk Truck? slammed on the ground, some brass up front, huge tires all around?