Friday, April 12, 2019

Ever hear about the limited edition (90 made) Bill Mitchell Special Vehcile Developments Hugger Camaro Z28 built to commemorate the 24-Hours of Daytona.?

Jut sold for 27.5k at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach

 These cars were designed with the help of Bill Mitchell, of GM Special Vehicle Development. These special Z/28s were built to commemorate the 24-Hours of Daytona.

They came with Hugger Orange paint, special wheels and tires, improved gearing, special handling packages, KONI shocks, front spoilers, special steering wheel and appearance enhancements.

The 350ci engine remains in stock condition, with the addition of ceramic-coated Patriot headers. A B&M standard lock-out shifter operates the original GM TH350 automatic transmission. New KONI Classic shocks replaced the older units. A bronze anodized MOMO steering wheel replaces the black Hugger GM wheel.

The original Hugger fascia fog lights were replaced with new Hella amber lights. The interior was improved to like-new stock condition with the addition of a RetroSound Bluetooth stereo/phone system.

It has been kept in a climate-controlled collection and has 30,070 original miles (the title reads mileage exempt).


  1. sold at Palm Beach, Fl. NOT Palm Springs, Ca. Palm Springs, Ca. has McCormick's Classic Car Auction.

    1. good lord you know your auctions!