Tuesday, May 15, 2018

trust that corporations who owe you money from losing a class action lawsuit will never let you know it's time for you (and me) to collect

Hyundai and Kia lost a lawsuit of 56 million dollars. They had some gas mileage numbers that weren't okayed by the EPA... something like that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2014/11/03/the-little-green-fib-that-turned-into-a-monster-fine-for-hyundai-kia/#7b13818e28ec

Well, if you bought certain cars from Hyundai and Kia, like I did when I bought my first Veloster in Oct 2011, they may owe you some money. About 3 years ago I got an email, and that said, hey, we might owe you money if we lose the appeal.

So, I've been looking at a screenshot of my claim number from Jan 2015 ever since, and today... I was curious enough to look into if I'm ever going to get paid.

Maybe, finally. https://hyundaimpginfo.com/customerinfo/compensation-information/

So, if you bought or leased a 2012 model Accent, Azera, Elantra, Genesis Sonata, Tucson, or Veloster
and maybe the 2011 Elantra and Sonata, and maybe the 2013 models of those cars... https://hyundaimpginfo.com/customerinfo/affected-models/  you might be owed some money too

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