Friday, May 18, 2018

“Additional security measures have been put in place at the plant" doesn't mean what you think.

 After 6 new Grand Cherokee Trackhawks (they have Hellcat engines) were stolen from the Jefferson North Assembly plant last December... no one learned the lesson, and two weeks ago a security guard at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan called the police to report that 8 brand new 2018 Ram trucks were stolen

Huh.... isn't anyone paying attention to the inventory?

Those new vehicles, well, they won't get registered with any DMV, won't ever get smogged, and no doubt will blend in with traffic as long as they have license plates.

The Trackhawks won't though. I think they are going to have the engines pulled and sold, and the rest of the Grand Cherokee stripped for parts.


  1. They will most likely be put on a freighter to south America.Other countries are far less fussy about titles.

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      That's what I was thinking too. Russia, and many Middle Eastern countries have no qualms about this sort of thing. Stealing these things isn't that hard so long as there's a way to get a gate or a door open. Here in the Port of Charleston BMW's come from the plant via train and are loaded on Roll on Roll off ships by the hundreds. Each of those SUV's sits by the dock with the keys in it, but they're never stolen because there's no way to get out of the lot without being seen by dozens of people.