Thursday, May 17, 2018

For anyone wondering what the hell caused Interstate 8 to shut down all damn day, it was a crash by a speeding asshole at 1:30 that killed his passenger, and cops standing around for 5 damn hours to take photos of it

Yup, someone dies, and CHP stands around for hours taking photos, meanwhile, not offering a damn detour for a half million people who are getting off work for about 2 hours from 3:30 to 5:30

And yes, I can state it's a damn waste of time, and yes the cops do stand around.

The dead people aren't getting interviewed for damn sure. Call in the tow trucks, take your photos, move that shit off the road, get some traffic wavers to help move traffic along, and get on with it.

It does NOT take 5 hours to take photos, measurements, and details for a report which will be typed up back at the station before you can clear things up.

Not unless you're proving how understaffed and under budget you are for the next union strike for a better budget.

Just my two cents as someone stuck in that parking lot for 2 hours, who HAS done about 5 dozen police reports, and accident investigations.

Jackass was speeding, crashed into the back of that Prius, with his Toyota, and there are the dead bodies. There are the live ones heading to the hospital. There are the cars. Take the photos, get on with the day.


  1. It's gotten to be that way everywhere Jesse. The cops are covering their butts so some sharp lawyer doesn't get the perpetrator off on an error made recording evidence. But I agree with you, it inconveniences thousands of people for no good reason at all!

  2. Cops just waiting for the TV news crew for their 15 mins. of fame. Besides who cares? "gettin' paid by the hour" and OVERTIME !!!!

    1. Damn, I completely blanked on that... you nailed it. Overtime. Lots and lots of overtime equals house payments, and a Lexus for the wife so she quits nagging about your Corvette. Instead of busting meth dealers (has that ever happened?) illegal alien smugglers, and bankers with ponzi schemes... cops are standing around car collisions.

  3. To be fair to the cops on the scene they're following orders, it's a management problem.

  4. Massachusetts state police troop E was recently disbanded because of overtime abuse and they were all relocated to different barracks. It is now troop H with a whole new staff.

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    With the 360 degree imaging systems accident & crime scenes can be scanned in a short amount of time to record the whole circumstance in great detail. There are so many technological improvements out there that can speed this along. Granted, if its my family member or friend who's killed I want the Police to do their due diligence. But I've seen this same thing happen too, where major thoroughfares are blocked for hours over what is a fairly obvious task-someone zigged when they were supposed to zag and ran into a pole, barrier or another vehicle.