Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WTH ? How do both front tires blow up simultaneously?

for the original version, click though on the video below, which will only play on youtube itself

After a review, the team discovered a suspension arm defect led to the entire right front upright collapse, which snapped the wheel tethers and created the dramatic effect


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Yeah it was a weird year for tyres in F-1. This was the year they stopped in race refueling which increased the weight of the cars in race trim, they also went with narrower front tires to improve the balance of grip front to rear. And in a move that could only be done by a governing race body, they restricted the amount of pre-season testing that could be done with the new tires. This combo of changes left Bridgestone holding the bag when it came to getting the tires right. A double tire failure is unheard of and it tells you right away that it's the tire construction. It also shows how brilliant Adrian Newey and his team were at designing a Formula 1 car, in that the heat and stress on the tires would be that equal and consistent. PS, that's a beautiful picture of a highboy you have on the banner.

    1. wow, you're well informed and thanks! it's a prize winner, one of the 75 deuces.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Thanks. Newey is the Colin Chapman of the early 21st century. It was his work that turned Red Bull Racing with Sebastian Vettel into a dynasty. But like Chapman he pushed the limits of structural integrity to the point things would occasionally fail rather spectacularly. David Coulthard once had the entire front suspension on one side of his car shatter and collapse for no apparent reason.