Monday, April 09, 2018

Coolest story you'll read all week... a hard working guy, and single parent, was gifted a car after his co-workers discovered he'd been walking 11 miles to work each day.

the co-workers at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out the secret of this single dad. And they decided to make things right.



  1. very nice gesture... but, if the guy wouldnt buy a beater, for a few dollar... is he helped with a car? fuel etc.... I don't mean bad, but wouldn't he run the chance to get in bigger financial problkems?

    1. Really? You've never been so broke, but working, only barely getting by that you've been unable to buy a car? Must be nice.
      Allow me to illuminate the situation a lot of people are in, they make enough money to pay rent, barely had enough to make the security deposit, which they have to roll from this apartment to the next, never having a way to save enough money to get ahead, because jobs don't give pay raises. But the price of everything else goes up. Without a miracle, most of us are struggling along for years and years. We don't inherit, we don't win the genetic lotto of being so damn handsome or pretty that doors are opened for us, and any small issue can wipe us out. Instantly.
      We don't have money for lawyers, money for video games, vacations, steaks, or "shopping" on a whim. We got a lot of problems in this country, and everything getting more expensive in this country, because rich people have to get better returns on investments this year than they did last year is only a part of it. Rent goes up, and nothing changed about the apartment.
      Gas goes up, yet it's that same gas that our cars used 10 years ago.
      Car insurance goes up, on the same car we were driving 4 years ago.
      But the paychecks don't go up.
      The cost of water to the apartment goes up, the cost of electricity goes up, and etc etc.
      So this guy had a relationship, was lucky enough to get custody of his daughter, and has to cover rent, baby sitters or "Daycare" and all the other bills. Has to pay for a cell phone, because he has to be able to be contacted at any time because he has a kid, and has to be able to call any thing, because he has a kid.
      He got a job, starts at 4am, walked for hours a day, and you find fault that he didn't buy his own car?
      Danny? You must be a fortunate one.
      Will he have more issues now that he can spend a couple more hours a day with his kid, instead of walking back and forth to work? Maybe, but his kid will get more parenting time. And that is good.
      Will he now have to pay for car insurance, gas, oil changes, and repairs? yeah, and that might really suck, but maybe he can pull it off, but who knows. He might just have been unable to get to buy a car on credit, because he got stuck with the hospital bills, which wrecked his credit.

    2. But I'll bet anyone that will work a job where they have to walk 11 miles to get to it? Isn't going to let anyone down. I bet he's just had some bad times, and got behind the 8 ball.
      Couldn't buy on credit because of bad credit, couldn't save enough to buy flat out (who the hell has thousands of dollars laying around?) and found the other priorities in life came before the luxury of a car.
      Also, buying a beater? Ain't usually as cheap as you might think. In the 80s you might find a 100 dollar car, but now they are 1000, and need a trans rebuild, engine rebuild, suspension replaced, etc etc etc. You actually have to pass on beaters to get something used, but not used up, which means financing a half decent car that you won't be worried about for a couple years that it's going to kill you with repair bills. And you can't get financed without good credit, and maybe he got screwed over by his babies mom, or the hospital bills, or whatever.
      Find some empathy, a bit of pity, and some hope somewhere Danny, cause life is shit for most people, and it's god damn rare for anyone to earn the respect of co-workers and friends to the point where they are given a car.
      I know. It's happened to me. I've been, and still am, paycheck to paycheck, getting by, not getting ahead. Not willing to sell what I have to change my future. My clapped out 2003 Ford was on it's last leg, and I'd just paid for the trans rebuild when the fan belt broke, and so many other things were nearly dead or dying on that car a friend gave me a good car that lasted me about 5 or 6 years.
      Then I could finally afford to buy a new cheap car, and not have to keep fixing used up old cars.
      Just read the story, find some admiration for those good people that hooked him up, and try not to raise the specter of "what if, could, should and would". Not cool man. Not cool

  2. EMPATHY… you got it. I wish more people did.

  3. dont get me wrong, I am constant living so broke... thats why i was think the additional costs of driving aint gonna help. as I said I love the gesture.