Wednesday, April 11, 2018

police in Sarasota are looking for the car that tried to kill this biker (thanks Bobby!)

and now for some context


  1. The car driver should face attempted murder charges. I don't care how emotionally entangled you are with someone else's driving or behavior, you can't use your 4,000 lb cage as a weapon against people on bicycles or motorcycles. If those people are acting irresponsibly, pull over and use your phone to call law enforcement.

  2. They should hang this driver up by his heels.

  3. The cager has been arrested. Unlicensed, illegal immigrant from El Salvador. Besides the license, they have him on aggravated battery. ICE has placed a hold on him.

  4. This report completely leaves out what the biker did to bring this on. He was yelling and gesturing at the driver of the car. What did he say that ticked off the car driver. This is not a cut and dried matter.

    1. Ok, is what he did (seen in the news clip, the reason I included it) whether you're aware of it or not relevant to the attempted vehicular murder? I say no. He wasn't shooting them, he wasn't bashing them. If he called their mom a camels best friend in bed, and their god a parasitic glob of crustaceans, they still aren't entitled to kill the guy

  5. The cager had no right to try and kill the biker (or anyone) over some words or gestures.

  6. bet the biker wont act like a jackass again anytime soon.
    if he rides like most bikers, karma finally caught up with him