Friday, April 13, 2018

I've only heard of light up portholes once.... when the designer who invented them sold the execs on the design idea

but according to it was a feature on 1955 Buick Super Rivieras

I just posted about the portholes lighting up in Feb, when I did a short article on Ned Nickles, the designer.

The idea for VentiPorts grew out of a modification Buick styling chief Ned Nickles had added to his own 1948 Roadmaster. Four amber lights were installed on each side of the car’s hood which were wired to the distributor. The lights flashed on and off as each piston fired which was supposed to simulate the flames from the exhaust stack of a fighter airplane.


  1. Hey Jesse, sorry for offtop here. But can you check two cars, prototypes from old times. Google it, there will be couple of good photos you can look on, maybe you will like it. Fiat 126p Bombel and Fiat 125p 4x4.

    1. no problem, you can always email me at

      and thanks! I'll go look them up!

    2. they just don't excite me. sorry

    3. No problem. For me 125p 4x4 was a surprise, someone start to speak about "our Bronco" and I was just... what? They build it on kombi chassis and Lada Niva suspension parts. They build couple of prototypes and even get good opinion in tests. But Niva was just a big star back then and there was no way that Soviets would sell any parts from it. They did not had manufacturing power to meet the demand for more and more Niva's. So idea died, only one prototype survive in museum.