Sunday, April 08, 2018

I thought I'd posted about it, but it seems I haven't yet, so, here's the Petty Superbird tribute by Smithfield Foods give away car from 2017 SEMA that Mike came across. I never did see it. It's that easy to miss a car at SEMA

To pay tribute to Richard Petty’s accomplishments, and celebrate the long line of Mopars that helped carry him to greatness, Smithfield Foods commissioned Petty’s Garage to build a retro-themed, Hemi-powered Pro Touring Superbird from a donor project that had been dissassembled and forgotten for 15 years. There was so much rust, and so much work, there's no mystery why they gave up on blowing a fortune to make it right.

you can check out the entire build at

The guy who won, Verl McCown, only entered once. His nephew was there for the event though.

 The nationwide sweepstakes was advertised in Hot Rod and other magazines

He received it in March 2018 and lives in Portland, so the 1st car show he brought it to was the Portland Roadster Show.   It won Best In Class.  for more photos and info  also

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  1. This is a super article, Car Guy, and very cool that you included my son's name. Winning the Bird has been a life-changing experience for our whole family. Maybe you've seen it, but the whole story/pics/video is at Seeing this was a very nice surprise. Thank you!