Monday, April 09, 2018

1958 Lincoln mk 3 with a cool old air conditioning system

The all-new unibody Mark III Continental was introduced in 1958, and at the time was the largest post-war American car ever built. When municipal and regional authorities across North America became aware of this fact, some required owners to add rear red reflectors and front amber clearance lights on the Mark III. They were concerned that the vehicle’s monumental size would pose a threat to unskilled drivers and careless pedestrians.

These Lincolns were the largest unitized body cars ever attempted – before or since. They were larger than the contemporary Cadillac, having a wheelbase of 131″ and an overall length of 229″ – 19 feet long! Only some very long wheelbase cars of the 1930s, which of course were of body-on-frame construction, exceeded these Lincolns in length. They weighed between 4900 and 5200 pounds.

I believe that makes them exempt from smog... if over 5000 pounds

the vent comes from near the drivers knee, flows the cold air through the armrest piece 

and out these vents directed at the backseat passengers

and it has the cool slide down rear window I'm used to seeing on more common Mercurys

but these cool optional "Venetian Blind" sun visors are cool! I've never seen them before!

Known in the 1958 Lincoln data book, page 138, as transparent sun visors, they were a $27 option

the more you tilt them, them more the horizontally wide pieces block the light

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