Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chrysler listed a SonoRamic 413 Savoy on the 1961 AMA specifications--which would have made such a car legal for NHRA drag racing--but never produced an example of that particular beast. Here's what it would have been

Starting with a two-door sedan for $7,500 outside Minneapolis in 2005 that a teacher had kept good care of over its 50,000-some miles, leaving the interior original and the body--including the floors--rot-free.

 She also ordered what was quite possibly the cheapest Savoy out there, with a 101hp, one-barrel, 170-cu.in. Slant Six, the standard three-on-the-tree manual transmission and not much else.

Plotkin soon found a complete Long Ram 413 from a totaled Chrysler 300-F, that had been siting in the corner of a shop for more than 25 years.

 (For what it's worth, only on Plymouths did Chrysler call the setup SonoRamic; on Dodges, it went by the name Ram Induction; on De Sotos, Ram Charge; on Chryslers, the company called it the Long Ram or the Short Ram, depending on the internal shape of the tubes.)

But since Savoys in 1961 could only come with a 3 on the tree or a typewriter TorqueFlite, Plotkin gathered the correct steering column, brake pedal and push-button assembly for a TorqueFlite conversion from a North Dakota junkyard. He found the linkage and miscellaneous hardware for the conversion through JC Auto in Lynn-wood, Washington.

For exhaust he built a set of 1-7/8-inch headers to pour into 2½-inch exhaust pipes, connected with an H-pipe with a pair of Race Ready Performance electronic 3-inch cutouts, and Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers


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