Thursday, February 01, 2018

I can't even figure out what possibly caused this!

going on or coming off the carrier?

because there is one space available up top, but, you ain't going to get it up there with the van on the bottom, from how I've seen truckers load carriers


  1. See the guy sticking his head out the window of the van, it must have been back in the truck and the car was the first off. bet he is being VERY careful to make the ramps this time.

    1. thanks! I hadn't seen the guy in the van!

  2. My guess is that the car was never even on the carrier it the first place. I bet the car was just parked behind the rig on the side of the street and for some reason, the transmission was not put into park. You can see that there is a slight downhill incline towards the carrier and the right ramp lines up with where the left wheels would be on a car parked on the side of the street. The car simply rolled onto the right ramp with the left wheels and flipped over just like on the setups used in movies and stunt shows.

  3. I thought that too, but the car doesn't have a license plate. Now imI not sure.

  4. Flipped the car, well can't do anything about that so unload the rest.