Wednesday, January 31, 2018

interesting ambulance, made by Visser in the Netherlands


  1. Its an Ambulance.

    1. Sorry, not my native language... and it instantly reminded me of the hearse found in Greece

    2. yes, my email works, about as well as much of anything does anymore. Nothing can be trusted with communications. but if anything falls in the spam folder I'll never see it. I gave up on new years eve, I've decided to ignore the spam folder in my email, and keep up with the comments that mysteriously go straight to spam on this blog, and that isn't my intent, as it pisses me off! I have no idea how many well intentioned comments were deleted in the Spam folder!

  2. I tried to sending you an email, but I don't think you got it.
    So, i'll do this here.....

    Ever seen a Dodge Dart as a legit hearse?

    We had a very similar version of the Dart. Our Valiant Hardtop Coupe of '69 through '71 is an example of that body style.

    I also recently found out Chrysler Australia onsold discarded designs to the likes of coachbuilders....

    In 1970, a coachbuilder in South Australia purchased a set of drawings from Chrysler Australia. The design was a project that looked at the possibilities of a Valiant 2 door wagon based on the hardtop coupe.
    Chrysler messed around with the idea but chose not to pursue it.
    The discarded design then changed hands and adapted to see service as a Hearse... a small one.
    It is believed 3 were built but this 1970 VG Valiant Childs Hearse is the only one known to survive.

    Nice 3/4 shot,,fl_lossy,q_auto,t_cg_hero_large/v1/editorial/VG-Valiant-Hearse-wagon-blue-and-white-1200x800-%281%29.jpg

    More images here...

    Also, If I may indulge ....I have a short video of a 1967 VC Valiant V8 Regal and its owner you may enjoy.

    A model kinda similar to some you guys got, but just a bit different. These are very sort after but quite thin on the ground.

    Got any coffee left?

    The wheels are locally made 'Tasman' mags.
    Rare as rocking horse poo these days, the centre caps are treated like trophies.
    I met a guy once that was casting these things in '66. He said when the big shows came up, he would be inundated with orders and cars would be at the show with the wheels still warm.


    1. Thanks! I posted the hearse, and passed on the Valiant Regal, it just doesn't push my buttons. 4 doors don't have the look I get crazy about.