Thursday, February 01, 2018

Here's the original of the banner, it's gotten some great reaction, well, except for Mike. Mike, you're bringing me down

and I found it at late yesterday

The back story to it, well, I didn't know it, I just dug the guy looking at the flat tires, the kids laughing like they let the air out of the tires, and the possibility that the parent talking the photo was deliberately catching the upset sportscar owner learning his fun day toy was decommissioned. Maybe the person taking the photo was pissed the sports car guy was driving fast through the block where the kids can't be kept off the streets.

Yeah, some parents lose their marbles over cars on streets, instead of building a fence to keep their monkeys in the yard.

Anyway, I was having a good time enjoying how many of you got a kick out of this banner, when Mike called me out for stealing the photo ... get this, from an 8 year old post on Shorpy, who I've respected and been sending traffic to for 11 years, and have over a hundred posts giving Shorpy credit for every image.

The backstory: Diamond Bar, California, August 1965.

The photo went around the internet, and 4 years later the MG's owner's sister wrote into Shorpy to tell the story for posterity

That is my dad out in front looking at my oldest sister's MG.

The MG had been slashed to bits... the tires and the tarp.

We were going to the beach and she parked the car at the church. While we were getting ready to go, there was a terrible accident on Diamond Bar Blvd, which she witnessed.

When the police came, she told them who's fault it was. When they left, we all went to the beach.

When they got back from the beach the MG was vandalized. We knew who did it, but could not prove it.


  1. So who did it and why?

    1. the people that caused the wreck, who were reported to the cop, before the MG owner went to the beach. They took revenge on the MG while it was parked and she was gone to the beach

  2. Thank you for all of this.Very interesting is human nature.
    Have a nice day.