Monday, January 29, 2018

if you like old ads, 1903-1921, you're going to love this, and waste days going through them to find to cool or goofy ones... the Automobile Trade Journal is online (thanks Denis!)

it has endless articles on how to run your gas and service station better, but, those articles are about 100 years out of date. 

How to make a better womens bathroom? Yup, full page article on how "Jimmy" bought "Pap's" old shack next to the gas station and made a great bathroom out of it and since 99% of all the cars leaving town had women in them, that bathroom alone made his business a success. Yup, a bit over the top, but, hey, it was 100 years ago. They still didn't have indoor plumbing.


  1. Jesse, I have a 1913 Aermore whistle on my '29 Model A. I have a ball with it and it will hurt your ears.

    1. enjoy that... I can't but I'm glad to hear you can. My ears are damaged already, it's something I need to avoid if I want to continue to hear birds occasionally. Too many years around power saws and noisy engines.