Thursday, February 01, 2018

Ford and Chevy ought to man up, just race each other, and be done with the pissing contest

A few years ago the Viper set a lap time record at VIR (Virginia Intl Raceway) with a 2:40:02. Fine, that's nice, they took a factory race car and dropped the record time. Expectedly, and this isn't a newsworthy item.

But last week, the new Ford GT was supposedly not out to set a record lap time, but clocked a 2:38:62 while "Ford nonchalantly claimed this was part of a validation lap to iron out a few developmental kinks, not a planned record-breaking run" paraphrased

So, yesterday, those goofy dorks at Chevy decided to have a measuring contest so long as no one was on the track ready to put up a fight for bragging rights, and shaved 00:01:37 off the Ford GT time, with a front engine pushrod dinosaur that costs 1/4 the expense of the Ford supercar.

Keep in mind, it's only that cheap because unlike Chevy, Ford hasn't been building GT40s since the 60s when they kicked ass at Le Mans. They stopped then, and to get into production with a Le Mans winner right out of the gate was a ridiculously expensive venture.

Supposedly, with a fully optioned factory bare bones Corvette that wasn't stripped for racing. Uh huh. Got video proof of the car the camera was on? No? Well, let me know when you're ready to be serious about who gets to claim fastest factory stock dealership available car around VIR.

Unlike the photo of the Demon lifting the front end off the ground with a NHRA validated 9:65 in the quarter mile that made Chevy and Ford fans lose their grip, so far all we have is Chevy's word it was a production Vette like any you can buy from a dealership.

Sure, I believe that. It's that Vette that you can find on the beachfront race track for sale in New Mexico, or the one that is for sale in New York City that comes with a bridge they'll throw into the deal for free.


  1. From what I've read, the Z1R they used is the Corvette equivalent to the ACR Viper FCA used, it's a street-legal track car. I'd like to see all three on the track, same day, same driver, may the best car win. Aw hell, toss a GT3 911 in there for giggles...

    1. and put in a Hellcat for competition. Might not corner for shit, but it's going to scare them on the straightaways!

  2. VIR is my "local" track and I'd pay good money to see a shootout.
    Show your balls, gentlemen.