Saturday, February 03, 2018

4 years later, and finally a 2nd photo shows up from the blue Charger fashion clothes photo shoot at Vizcaya museum and gardens in Miami
I'm just going to go out on a limb and GUESS that this Super Bee was part of that same photo shoot

and based on the architecture, and the license plate's being the same, plus the fashion clothed young women, I think I've finally reunited photos that haven't been seen together in 48 years

I came across this one 4 years ago... and KNEW that there had to be more from this ad campaign, marketing, advertising thing.

the location is the mansion and gardens of the VP of International Harvester, James Deering, who bought 180 acres of Miami's Brickell Ave for his winter palace, and had his mansion built in 1916

Built by, and employing an impressive ten percent of the population of Miami over the course of those years—Vizcaya is one of the country’s most intact remaining estates from the Gilded Age, when the nation’s wealthiest industrialists built lavish homes inspired by European examples.

James Deering, Vizcaya’s owner, was retired from his position as Vice President of International Harvester, and his brother and father already had their mansions in nearby Coconut Grove and Cutler.

Deering enjoyed his Florida estate for less than nine years. He passed away in 1925 while returning to the U.S. from France.

Vizcaya suffered extensive damage in Miami’s 1926 hurricane, and due to old age, his brother who inherited it also passed away and Vizcaya went to his daughters who made it a museum by 1935.

They then gave 130 acres of Vizcaya’s property to Mercy Hospital and the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine in the 1940s; the remaining 50 acres, including the Main House, gardens and Village, were conveyed to Dade County in 1951. Included was the donation of the estate’s substantial furnishings and art collection on the condition that Vizcaya be used as a public museum in perpetuity. In March 1953 Vizcaya opened to the public as the Dade County Art Museum.


  1. Is that really blue? Down low where it's not reflecting sky it looks kind of green, but that could just be my monitor.

    1. it's a light blue, a lot closer to turquoise. But, really, how many words should I type obsessing over a color? lol, not too many

    2. to say green, is to mean a grass or pine tree forest green. Well, that's way too much for that charger. To say blue is to to mean a color straight off the primary colors pinwheel, a dark sky blue over a desert tan reflected in chrome. But it's not quite aquamarine.... see what I mean? Too many words.

  2. The data plate reads..........

    Vinyl top.............. S code.
    Wheel covers........... E code.
    Turquoise paint........ X code.
    Trim .................. Y code.

    1. ummm... you've seen the data plate for that Charger? Or, you're mentioning what would be on it?

  3. No, what should be on it.
    That combination of color and trim makes for a very classy ride.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    AGGHH... get her off the roof and off the trunk!