Monday, January 29, 2018

the Rocky Mountain Insurance Company special paint edition Mercury Cougar, 98 XR7s, all purple, all under the radar. I've never heard of them before

Ditzler paint code 50785, called "rocky mountain insurance" special paint.

The Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company Cougars were a package of specially prepared 1969 Cougars.
There were 98 XR-7s ordered with special WT9083 paint by the Rocky Mountain Insurance Company of Calgary, Alberta Canada as a bonus for outstanding sales performance by their employees.

 All of these cars were sold by Universal Sales and Service of Calgary, Alberta. The cars were leased to Rocky Mountain Life Insurance Company through Hillcrest General Leasing.

The cars were all ordered with the same options: special paint, white vinyl roof, white leather interior, bucket seats, deluxe seat & front shoulder belts, sports console, AM Stereophonic tape player, tilt away steering wheel, power steering, tinted glass all around, front power disc brakes, 351 4V Windsor, heavy duty battery, immersion block heaters, FMX transmission, door protection edge guards, front bumper guards, and wheel wire covers.

The rest of the story is that Rocky Mountain went out of business early in 1970 and the cars were recalled by the lease company and sold to the public.

15 are still known to exist


  1. They must have done it more than one year, because the cars in the third photo are 1968s!

    1. one of the links said 68 and 69

  2. They were build in 1968 and 1969, but to date no 1968 models have surfaced. There is also one known 1969 RML Cougar convertible built with a 428CJ.
    There is currently a 1969 RML Cougar for sale on Kijiji.